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In 2018 the east peak BBS and the fifth best tourist service industry awards best employers

Date: 2018-11-09

By the best of the east and Shanghai port of three green international tourism resort, was the best Oriental HR community, education, Wallace point, first job on headhunting co-host of "2018 best the eastern peak BBS and the fifth tourism service industry awards best employer", in November 2018 1 solstice 2 port of three green space in Shanghai international convention center.

2018 east peak BBS best hotels, restaurants, apartments, scenic spots, golf, property management, cruise ships, air travel, colleges and universities of 1000 + talent elite, relying on the best eastern own abundant talent data with the depth of the observation to the industry, analysis human situation, interpreting industry hotspot, to explore human resources for the future development trend, tourism service and develop together.

Big data platform

Relying on the best eastern own abundant talent data and the observation of the depth of the industry, the best Oriental big data dean WenShaoBo will be released for the first time, foreign "2018 travel services" big data platform.

The higher-ups combat reveal

The BBS around "human capital era, tourism service industry how to develop talent?", create hotel best employer brand "under the" global vision, and other issues, invited the marriott, shangri-la, accor, green space, shimao starwood, and a number of hotels in zhejiang university and colleges for dialogue, a total of tourism service industry talent development problems.

The fifth tourism service industry best employer award ceremony

Also will be held at the same time, "the fifth travel services" best employer award ceremony, announced "tourism service industry best employers hotel 2018", "2018 best employer's catering tourism services", "2018 travel services personal mulan & bole award", "2018 travel services for best colleges" and other performances.

"Best companies to work for" list, by collecting from senior industry experts, the social public, enterprises, media and other professional opinions and vote, multi-angle to comprehensive review of these objects, selection of standard units, colleges, and have the good leader power personal, recognition for their outstanding achievement and promote, for the sustainable development of China's tourism services provide authoritative reference direction.